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Victoria: The Enduring Legacy of Lady Alexander

by Denise Buese

Complete with her own history and retaining her original extensive wardrobe, Victoria is a rarity in the world of antique dolls. Companion to a little girl named Carrie Louise Schiff, who grew up to become Lady Alexander of Faversham, Kent, England, Victoria traveled the world and comes down to us with an astonishing provenance.

Not only does Victoria possess beautiful and well-preserved original costumes in the exuberant style of the 1870s, her body is the seldom found blown leather example from the French doll manufacturer Pierre Victor Clément. Included in the book is a pattern taken from Victoria's own riding habit.

Many dolls have been used for philanthropic efforts throughout the years, and Victoria is one such doll. Lady Alexander generously donated Victoria and all her possessions as a fundraising raffle during Red Cross Week in 1943, which contributed greatly to the charitable efforts of the town of Faversham during World War II.

Victoria proves the value of research and preservation of the treasures of our past, and you'll enjoy getting to know this remarkable and unforgettable doll.

9" x 9" Hardcover with dustjacket - 80 full color pages



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